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Every home and yard has a unique selling story. Get the full story of your property from the air and ground! Book your residential real estate photography shoot today!

Frequently Asked Questions 

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Union Station aerial image

How quickly can you shoot my project?

Chasing Daylight Studio photographers will arrive on site when you schedule them. You can book directly on the Chasing Daylight Studio calendar! Book your real estate photography shoot now! References are available.

How will I receive my order?
After your images/video are
professionally processed you will
receive a link to download them at
your leisure. You 
will also receive the 
high-resolution non-color treated
(non processed) files.

What are your qualifications?

Chasing Daylight Studio is owned and operated by Ron Scott. He is FAA Part 107 Certified and has invested thousands of hours of time into photography, researching flying, and post-processing to ensure the highest possible quality.

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