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Photography and business has been a lifelong pursuit. In 1999-2000 I had the market in virtual tours (for real estate) for all of southern Alabama, western Florida, and southern Mississippi. In 2001 I moved to Massachusetts to work at a local university while pursing my MBA. In 2005 I started a small photography business in the Cayman Islands, However, the corporate bug bit me and ever since then I have been developing websites and software products. Now, I'm back to pursuing my dream of a sustaining photography business. In 2019 I did get licensed by the FAA to be a commercial drone pilot and after 4 years of successfully shooting imagery for many clients with my business, New England Sky Pix,  I have decided to focus all of my imagery efforts into real estate (residential real estate and commercial real estate) and I'm proud to launch my new business to handle ALL of your photography needs, Chasing Daylight Studio.


Additionally, builders have trusted my services to shoot and document construction products in both Worcester and Boston. In addition to local newspapers and news outlets featuring my various client work, my imagery at Polar Park in Worcester was even highlighted on a Boston news channel. My work has been published in a Worcester Magazine and will soon be featured in a book about the Orange, Massachusetts co-op business.

As I write this "about" section it's a trip down memory lane and a reminder to myself, and to let you know, that I have taken a lot of pride in my work over the years. I take it very seriously and have fun doing it!

Aerial photography is comprised of 3 main parts. First, understanding the mechanics of flight. Second, I take imagery with the onboard sophisticated camera in the proper formats for web, film, or print. Third, I will do post-processing if you wish to have professional color correcting/grading.


No matter if I shoot for you from the air or ground, I will deliver your post-processed images and/or video in camera RAW and DLOG files to you via an easy DropBox folder.

For the air I use the amazing DJI Mavic 3 Pro CINE that shoots amazing still images and up to 5.1k video. For the ground and interiors I use a Sony A7 4 camera system with different lenses, and an Insta360 camera for virtual tours.

Now joining me is an excellent photographer, Melissa Russo. Melissa is a licensed real estate agent, who isn't selling currently as she has joined Chasing Daylight Studio to shoot photography full time. She knows what customers are looking for. 

Nice to meet you... We'd be thrilled to do your photography!

Picture of Ron Scott - Photographer

Ron Scott

With over 20 years experience in the software and web industry, you're in good hands with Ron. He has also worked around the film industry 5+ years. Ron is a certified FAA Part 107
Remote Pilot.

Picture of Melissa Russo - Photographer

Melissa Russo

Over 5 years experience working in customer success, and a lifetime of photography experience, Melissa is poised to please our clients with zeal! Melissa is working towards becoming a certified FAA Part 107
Remote Pilot.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Chasing Daylight Studio Logo

What are your qualifications?

Chasing Daylight Studio is owned and operated by Ron Scott. He is FAA Part 107 Certified and has invested thousands of hours of time into photography, researching flying, and post-processing to ensure the highest possible quality.

Union Station aerial image

How will I receive my order?
After your images/video are
professionally processed you will
receive a link to download them at
your leisure. You 
will also receive the 
high-resolution non-color treated
(non processed) files.

How quickly can you shoot my project?

Chasing Daylight Studio photographers will arrive on site when you schedule them. You can book directly on the Chasing Daylight Studio calendar! Book your real estate photography shoot now! References are available.

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